Seth Mitchell, the founder of East Kentucky Telecom, has been blessed to always be on the cutting edge of the next big thing to come along in the vast world of technology and has had the honor of helping bring these new technologies to his local hometown areas.

His career began in 1991 when he was hired by First Kentucky Cellular in Corbin, Kentucky at the launch of the very first cellular network in southeastern Kentucky.


Phone: (606) 656-1090

He helped build cellular networks, researched hardware and equipment, and installed and maintained software. He then moved on to manage the retail front of the Corbin store before being promoted to sales manager where he ran two markets in eastern Kentucky. Between these two markets, Seth managed six retail locations, had ten outside sales people reporting to him (with a total staff of 40 employees), managed all facets of the sales, marketing, and technical arenas, and was responsible for total operations in both markets. He proved to be very successful during that time as his markets were among the top sales forces in the company for central and eastern Kentucky.

From there he moved on to KIH Internet in London, Kentucky where he managed the dial-up internet resale program for Kentucky, Tennessee, North and South Carolina, Georgia, and Mississippi.

When the owner of KIH began a new business in Somerset, Kentucky, Seth was personally asked to come along to once again help build a successful company. At this new company, NorthStar PCS, he shifted more into the technical end of operations. (NorthStar was one of the first rural PCS companies in the country.) Here Seth identified the technology used for the company's billing and customer retention systems as well as being responsible for all retail operations.

A few years later, Seth was asked to join some former colleagues in starting up and building another new local company, Computer Information Services, or, CIS.  At CIS he managed sales while also working as a sales engineer to plan and design computer networks for businesses, troubleshoot customer network issues, install and maintain wide-area networks (which connected multiple locations, including managing point-to-point circuits and high bandwith internet connections), and installed and maintained telephone networks.

Working for CIS eventually led Seth to start his own business in 2004, a business he still owns and operates today. East Kentucky Telecom, or EKYT, was one of the first companies in rural America to offer Voice-over-IP telephone service (VoIP). Today, EKYT services businesses to identify cost-savings options in their telecommunication networks through the use of Voice-over-IP technologies. He also works with these companies to maintain an efficient and effective computer network on which VoIP technology runs.

While running EKYT, Seth also worked in partnership with Wazoo Sports from
2008-2014 where he installed, operated, and maintained satellite internet on mobile television production facilities. He put together, from scratch, all of the hardware and software to operate and maintain a 24/7 television network, including all satellite internet connections and feeds. He also managed the television crews and worked with the colleges and universities to produce their events which aired on networks such as Fox College Sports, Comcast Sports, Fox Sports South, Madison Square Garden Network (MSG Network), and many other network affiliates across the country.

While Seth has always appreciated and been thankful for additional opportunities to expand his knowledge and experience, East Kentucky Telecom has, first and foremost, always been Seth's greatest love and is now his sole focus and top priority!